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Why a Parent Coach?
This question has a part for you and a part for me.  The part for me to answer is, why did I become interested in focusing part of my coaching practice on coaching parents?
  Wendy's children (L-R) Liat, Ori, Talia, Ilan and Yael  
  I am the mother of five children, three girls and two boys.  In my own personal journey of raising my kids, I know there have been many times when I could have used a coach - someone to see the things that I couldn't see, someone to champion me, and someone to encourage and stimulate me into coming up with my own creative solutions to the problems I faced. 
How incredible it would have been to have someone who could see how my Old Story was limiting me, and help me start to  envision - and live - my New Story!  So in the end, it is my own journey as a parent that has led me most of all to become a Parent Coach, because I have seen and experienced first-hand how coaching can inspire and support a person in becoming self-empowered, not only as a parent, but in every aspect of their life.
As parents, especially as parents, we often feel like there is no time, and certainly no energy, for creating a New Story for ourselves.  We get used to living our Old Story, because we are just too overwhelmed and tired to do anything about it.  So we resign ourselves that this is just the way it is.  Maybe one day, when the kids are grown, it will be different.
I am here to take a stand for you to make your life what you want it to be right NOW.  You can live a more satisfying and fulfilled life today, if you are willing to open up to a clean page, and start creating your New Story now.
How can you benefit from working with a Parent Coach?
In today's fast-paced world, the days of kids just coming home to play in the neighborhood after school, or families sitting down together for dinner every night, are long-gone.  As parents, we are constantly on the run carpooling our children to endless activities, dealing with a constant stream of issues and situations competing for our attention, and trying to balance both our work and home lives.  Its no wonder we are stressed out!
In the middle of all this, we are trying to maintain some sense of self (and hopefully our sense of humor as well). As much as wed like to, we rarely seem to find the time for the things we used to love to do pre-kids, and we often lose touch with ourselves as individuals. We become so immersed in the job of parenting and day-to-day living that we no longer have a sense of who we really are. 
How can we find within ourselves the strength we need to be able not only to survive, but to thrive?  How can we empower ourselves in the face of tremendous pressures and responsibilities, not only as parents but in the rest of our lives as well?  How can we love and nurture our children, without neglecting ourselves, our partners, our careers, and our heartfelt desires and dreams for our own future?  
My adult son and I worked with Wendy to learn how to communicate in a more positive, less judgmental way.  Her ability to draw out the depth of feelings in each of us, to help us both look at each other/life in a different way was amazing.  It's made a huge difference in our relationship.  We both continue to practice what she taught us and our relationship continues to thrive.
Certified massage therapist
As your Parent Coach, I will help you navigate the many trials and tribulations involved in raising a child, or children, and also provide support and insight to help you to be more effective as a parent.  However, most importantly, I will encourage and empower you to learn how to make time to nurture yourself in the process, and to rediscover who you are as a person, beyond being a parent.  I will partner with you to create a sense of balance and inner-groundedness for yourself, so that you will learn to go through your day with a refined sense of what's really necessary, and what's not. You will be supported in being the best parent you can be, while realizing that no parent is ever perfect.  Most of all, you will see the importance of taking care of YOU -- finding time for yourself and pursuing your own dreams, as you also strive to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted kids.  
Some of the areas I specialize in are:
~ Helping parents to create more positive relationships with their children, and not lose themselves in the process
~ Supporting parents in maintaining loving and healthy relationships with each other and not just living through their children
~ Support for both working moms, and stay-at-home moms (or dads)
~ Support for single parents, or parents in the process of a separation or divorce
~ Helping parents maintain loving and strong relationships with their teens
~ Helping parents avoid empty-nest syndrome - that is, feeling lost and disconnected when their last child leaves home - so that they will already have full and rewarding lives and not have to ask themselves, "now what?"
~ Support for new parents, step parents, parents of large families, parents of children with special needs, and parents in "mixed" or unique marriages (religion, race, same sex)
Whatever the issue, as your Parent Coach, I can provide support and encouragement, and help you find new ways to look at old issues. You will learn to approach parenting with a better sense of who YOU really are, what your children really need (and dont need) from you, and most of all, what you need for yourself.
How will you choose to live your life?
Parents are usually excellent about nurturing their children, something that children truly need to grow up to be healthy, happy adults.  But what about the nurturing of the parent?  Who takes care of that?  My belief is that, unless you learn to nurture yourself and your own soul (as well as that of your child)
  A vision without action is just a dream; an action without a vision just passes time.  A vision with an action changes the world."
                    Nelson Mandela
during the journey of parenthood, that journey will most likely be a bumpy one.  You will also enter your post-raising-children life worn out, personally unsatisfied, and spiritually unfulfilled.  Your children will hopefully be strong and living full, rewarding lives - but it will not be something that they have learned by watching you.  What would it be like if this was something they had learned from observing how you life your life?  What if parents could learn to nurture themselves along with nurturing their children?
That's where I come in!  We will work together to make this not just a theoretical question, but a way that you live your life, and an integral part of your New Story.
Time is precious, as we notice even more once we have children.  Its easy to get caught up in the day-to-day business and busy-ness of our lives, and lose sight of what we really want to do (or be) in the broader scheme of things.  As parents, we are even more challenged in doing this, as so much of our time and energy goes into our children.  I believe that by focusing some of that time and energy on yourself as well, you will become not only a better person (and parent), but you will also teach your children to value and appreciate who they are, and claim for themselves a life of joy, grace and purpose, as they have seen you do for yourself.

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