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Coaching is convenient and efficient, because it can easily take place over the telephone, from the comfort of your home or office.  In-person coaching is also available.  For your investment of a prepaid monthly fee, you will receive:  
~ A two hour discovery session in which we will get to know each other and design our working alliance
~ Approximately two hours per month of scheduled coaching, in person or on the phone, depending on your preference and location
~ Fieldwork and actions items to be complete between sessions
~ E-mail check-ins between calls
Types of Coaching Available:  
~ Executive/Leadership Coaching
~ Personal/Life Coaching
~ Parent/Family Coaching
~ Career/Professional Coaching
~ Relationship/Partnership Coaching
~ Coaching Coaches-in-Training
The best way to predict your future create it.  People often say that this or that person has not found himself.  The self is not something that one finds.  It is something that one creates.
Stephen R. Covey
A Few More Details.....(for those who like them)
During the two-hour discovery session, we will begin to get acquainted with each other.  During this time, I will learn about your background, your desired goals, your most important values, and how in balance (or not in balance) you feel your life is.  We will acknowledge the Old Story you have been living, and begin the process of identifying and creating your New Story.  We will also intentionally design how we are going to work together.  I am a Co-Active Coach, which means that you and I will work together in a creative and interactive way to make sure you achieve the results you desire.... more about this below.
Once we have our discovery session, then we will schedule three sessions per month (usually over the phone, but they can be in person if you are local and that is your preference), of forty minutes each.  Individual variations of this plan can be arranged.  A minimum of three months is recommended, although many of my clients have been with me for much longer than that.
In our coaching, my promise to you is that I will hold you big, I will believe in you (maybe even more than you currently believe in yourself),  I will push you when needed, and I will love and support you fiercely through it all.  As your coach, I will look at your life through a wide angle lens, which will allow me to see your self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, as well as your magnificence and potential.  You will also start to see your own magnificence, and begin to create from it, to get the life you really want to have.  Your New Story will begin to come alive!
What is a Co-Active Coach?
As a Co-Active Coach, I will base my coaching relationship with you on the underlying premise that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and completely capable of finding the answers
  "More than a sounding board or a conscience, Wendy takes you to the places you're most afraid of but need to go. The exploration is rich, challenging, exhilarating. Her genuine caring, encouragement, respect for and belief in you provide real support for what is inevitably hard, yet enlightening work. I'm truly amazing and delighted at the ground we've covered since working together, and when I think about what I'm most grateful for, Wendy immediately comes to mind."
  VP Corporate Marketing and Communications
to the questions and challenges in your life.  I will listen in a very deep and powerful way, and empower you to make your own choices.  I will not give advice or act as a consultant.   I will help you access your own amazing strengths, intuition and power, explore different perspectives, and let go of limitations and obstacles.  We will work together towards you living your life from a place of integrity, harmony with your core values, creativity and possibility.  I will also coach you on your whole life - family/relationships, work/career, health, personal growth - because they are all interrelated and all contribute in an important way to your life satisfaction, balance and fulfillment.
My offer to you
Please contact me today to schedule a complimentary coaching session.  This is a 30-45 minute sample of coaching, which will give you a chance to experience the magic and power of coaching for yourself.
Contact me today at: to schedule your session.  Your New Story is waiting for you!!

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